Sleek appliances delivered to the front door. Founded

in 2016, we set out to make stylish appliances available

online. It was unconventional. It pushed the boundaries.

But we did it anyway.

     We built manufacturing and shipping efficiencies to

make great looking appliances available near and far. We

built design and style into our approach and prioritized

making products people liked to look at.

    We set out to revolutionize the appliance industry.

Stay tuned, because we’re just getting started.

We push boundaries within the kitchen and bath buying experience by delivering sleek, elegant appliances right to the front door. From cooktops to bathtubs, we make stylish, innovative, affordable products available to order online. Read reviews from actual customers. Find innovative, stylish appliances. Order from home. Buy an appliance you actually like, and don’t settle for what was available in store.
You want to bring style into every room. You want to be excited to show off your kitchen. You want the powder room to feel like a spa. You want your home to reflect your personality. You want appliances to add style.